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Slick's Logic: Simple and Sound

Should-be Basketball Hall of Famer and Pacers radio color man, Slick Leonard delivered his normal helping of gems today as a guest on The Dan Dakich Show.

While discussing the defensive woes of the Pacers, Dakich finally asked, "What's the solution?" Slick wasted little time cutting to the chase.

The solution is the same as it's always been, it's the same as it's always been -- upgrade the talent level.

Slick continued on with his appreciation of the effort the team has shown, but feels that the NBA success is 90% on the players and 10% on the coach. The coach just needs to maximize the talent level on the roster, and Slick thinks JOB has maxed out the talent level. So if the players are giving their best but still losing games, then you need better players. Simple and sound.

Slick revealed another piece of simple and sound logic when he explained how he handles the All-Star break every year.

Dak: What are you going to do over the All-Star break?

Slick: Ahh, I'm going to hang around. You know, I never have gone any place over the All-Star break. You know why?

Dak: Tell me.

Slick: Because it just breaks your heart when you have to come back.

Dak: (Laughing) That's pretty good.

Slick: You're down there in the warm, you know where it's warm and you say, "Well, let's go back. That snow storm's blowing in, let's go on back."

You just can't argue with that logic and it is just one of the many reason to love Slick. The whole interview is great, so check it out.

Here's an audio link: Slick and Dakich