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IC Cold Links: Recappin' Going On Break With A Whimper

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Here are some links of interest after the Pacers loss to the Bucks last night:

  • Bruno'sInside the Game LIVE and Postgame Report. Bruno captured the essence of this game at the half perfectly.
    Though the Pacers take a 59-57 lead into the break, the tempo of the game is a concern. They're playing what Rick Carlisle used to call a windshield-wiper game, going back and forth and back and forth and getting lulled into a defensive coma in the process.
  • Mike Wells reports on a couple of disturbing trends which have the Pacers going into the All-Star game with a 21-33 record.
  • Kevin Lee offers up his All-Star break progress report for the Pacers.
  • Pacers Notebook looks at the team's plans for the break. Trainer Josh Corbeil will have to work hard in his effort to monitor Mike Dunleavy's knee treatment. Poor guy.
    Head trainer Josh Corbeil is expected to go to Mexico on the break with Mike Dunleavy so the swingman can get treatment on his right knee, which caused him to miss the final two games before the break.
  • Mike Wells offers up a wish list of what he'd like to see from the Pacers after the break.
  • Tom Enlund reports on Richard Jefferson leading into the break on a winning note.
  • Brew Hoop tries to make sense of another high-scoring win for the short-handed Bucks.
  • Frank Zicarelli feels pretty strongly that Jermaine O'Neal won't be with the Raptors past the trade deadline next week.
  • Headline Fail.