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Tinsley Trade Rumor Ruminations

Chris Sheridan reported yesterday on serious trade talks between the Pacers and Charlotte. This has sparked some debate around here and also has me wondering (and hoping) just how this proposed deal can be finalized.

To review, Jamaal Tinsley and Raymond Felton are the key pieces for both teams. According to Sheridan the Pacers would also include Jeff Foster and either Marquis Daniels, Stephen Graham or Brandon Rush with the Bobcats throwing in Nazr Mohammed and Sean May.

Here are some thoughts that have crossed my mind in considering the rumored negotiations:

  • Raymond Felton would be a nice PG addition to the Pacers, but would this indicate another deal in the wings? I realize Jarrett Jack has been playing shooting guard lately but he's not a long-term solution there. Of course, both Jack and Felton are up for new contracts this summer, so the glut would be resolved in the offseason.
  • There's a good chance that Jeff Foster isn't part of this deal. So who will be part of it? If not Jeff, I imagine Quisy must be included. I just hope Brandon Rush isn't involved. It seems like Charlotte would be hesitant to take on Quisy or Foster with the struggles they had with injuries of late.
  • Looking back on Charlotte's last visit to the Fieldhouse, I recall seeing Rush and Larry Brown engaging in a friendly conversation. Brown may be holding out for Rush because on the surface of what is proposed in this story, Charlotte is taking on all kinds of risk. Tinsley is the best player involved but we know he's a risk. Then if when you look at Foster and Quisy, they've struggled to stay healthy.
  • On the other hand, the Pacers wouldn't be getting any sure fire help in return since Felton could leave this summer. The Pacers punishment for unloading Tinsley would be the remaining two years Nazr Mohammed has coming to him at around $6.5 million. But at least he's a big and could be easier to flip than Jamaal.
  • I love the idea of taking a chance on Sean May. I watched his pre-game workout the last time Charlotte was in town and he looked pretty good. He was inactive for the game since Larry Brown was forcing him to drop weight before using him. His goal for May was 260 and at the time May claimed to be 265. Assuming his foot is fully healed, let's not forget that May has some game. He has excellent hands and can score around the bucket. He's been portrayed as an overweight sloth, but he admitted to gaining weight after dealing with foot surgery. Obviously he's a big injury risk, but an inexpensive one. Moving back to Indiana with Pops just down the road could be just what May needs to revive his career.