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IC Cold Links: Recappin' A Not So Super Saturday Night

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Here are a few links of interest from the Pacers loss last night:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells reports on the home win streak ending without much resistance.
  • Pacers Notebook has more on the improving health and game of T.J. Ford along with Danny Granger trying to help last night despite not being ready.
    "He came into my office before the game and said, 'Coach, you can use me as a decoy, I can't get off my feet,' " Pacers coach Jim O'Brien said. "It's a credit to him, he's hurt and he's playing. That says a lot about Danny Granger. It's not something that we're overly concerned about.''
  • Bob Kravitz responds to Herb Simon's side of the story in regard to the Fieldhouse lease renegotiation which is part of a big story locally as the Colts and Pacers work with the city struggle to run their venues without losing money.
  • Marc Berman reports on the Knicks warming up for their 'hell week' schedule by shooting past the Pacers.
  • Mitch Lawrence reports the Knicks taking care of business in Indy.