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Granger Out 4-6 Weeks With Torn Plantar Fascia

The news is in on Danny Granger's MRI and it isn't good.

The results of that MRI led the Pacers to announce Tuesday that Granger will miss a minimum of four-to-six weeks with a torn right plantar fascia (the tissue that supports the arch of the foot).

"No surgery will be required," said the advisory issued by the team, "and rehabilitation begins immediately."

I was hoping not to read the words plantar fascia when the MRI results were revealed but now that they are there in the diagnosis, the good news is no surgery is required. Still, a month or two for Granger to get right is a huge blow. Plus, this is the type of injury that you can't rush to return.

What's done is done. Hopefully Granger and the training staff will take the full six weeks and then some to make sure this thing is fully behind Granger before he returns to the court. Manwhile any other lingering injuries should be healthy and stronger when 33 returns.

Now is the time to make lemonade out of this sour news. How about keeping A.J. Price on the active roster and giving him some minutes to sink or swim? Heck, if the Jazz can play undrafted rookie Wesley Matthews, the Pacers can give Price a look, no?