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Pacers Return Home As Granger Receives MRI Today In Indy

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When somebody tries to define what a "bad" road trip means, they will look at the Indiana Pacers first trip to the West Coast during the 09-10 season. Disaster may be a better description.

Bad losses, season lows on offense and defense, players that disappeared like farts in the wind and another bite by the injury bug has left this Pacers team in shambles as it heads back to Indianapolis today. After dropping an 88-72 defeat to the Clippers on Saturday, Indiana has now lost nine of its past 10 games. Coupled with the loss of Danny Granger and things are looking bleak in Indy. There isn't much to hang your hat on here.

Nobody was sure after the game what the extent of Granger's injury could mean for the immediate future. The star went lame in the opening minute of the third quarter and fell to the ground before being carried off the floor. The injury was diagnosed as a re-aggravation of his bruised right heel, an injury that has plagued him all season long. Mike Wells reported that Granger is expected to get an MRI today and that he left the arena last night with a walking boot on his right foot.

Asked about the injury, coach Jim O'Brien said that Granger was "a key guy". Thanks, Jim. The blue and gold have three days off until they play a Greg Oden-less Portland on Wednesday. Granger, who has only been playing in games and not practicing for several weeks as he tries to rest the heel, would presumably be smart to take some time off to get this thing fixed. At this point, the team is in such disarray that him playing on a bum heel and not getting any better doesn't make much sense. Hopefully we'll learn more today or Monday.

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  • Mike Wells recaps the game as he notes that the Pacers are frustrated and unsure about what's going on with this team after a terrible Western road trip.
  • In the Wells notebook article, fans learn that coach Jim O'Brien is concerned with team's offensive struggles. Are we sure that "concerned" is the right word? Terrified? Perturbed? Appalled? Here's what JOB told Wells before Saturday's season-low 72-point game: "We have a lack of recognizing that when we move we're hard to guard. The fact that we don't move all the time is not good. We're so successful in a movement. When we stand and run set plays, we struggle. It's the same pattern that we had last year. It's trying to figure out the rotation with the guys coming in and out the lineup." 
  • The Pacers Inside The Game team must have had a difficult time trying to choose a Player of the Game for this one. The story features an interesting sickening Stat of the Night: "In back-to-back losses to the Jazz and Clippers, the Pacers were outrebounded 111-72 and outscored 34-3 on second-chance points." 
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