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Happy New Year To All Of The Pacers Faithful

Just wanted to extend my best wishes for a Happy New Year to all of the Pacers fans wading through this season so far. I've really enjoyed the discussion of late surrounding all of the issues impacting the franchise and want to encourage everyone to continue voicing your opinion on all of the topics up for debate.

It's hard to believe the Pacers are only one game worse in the loss column than they were at this time last year. Of course the early schedule last year was more difficult, plus the level of play, even in losses was much better so it certainly feels worse.

As we know, things can turnaround quickly for better or worse and in this case the next turnaround will be for the better. Bruno illustrates how change happens right before your eyes with his year-end look back at the oughts. So raise a glass tonigh to better days ahead.

Here's to a healthy (Granger, Murphy, Foster, Dunleavy I'm talkin' about you) and happy 2010!