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For One Night At Least, Pacers' Young Players Earned Their Time

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Look at that box score.

For one night at least, Jim O'Brien let the Pacers' young players run wild. Granted it was almost by default with Troy Murphy, Tyler Hansbrough and Jeff Foster out and Mike Dunleavy and T.J. Ford playing like they had nothing in the tank.

But still, while the Memphis Grizzlies were methodically rolling along to a victory, at least we saw some energy and effort out of the bench. Even a couple of career games with Luther Head and Roy Hibbert showing up big. Brandon Rush also played a solid second half and continues to shoot the ball well. Still not aggressive enough, but at least some shots are falling.

Essentially, the young guys made this game watchable in the second half and no doubt kept the crowd at Conseco engaged to see what they could do. Hopefully this will be a trend for the rest of the year. If the vets don't have it, turn it over to the bench and let the youngs guys finish things off.

If nothing else, it might shake up a roster that needs to be shaken. Mike Wells had a quote from Dahntay Jones that I hope is an indication of a wakeup call.

"We have to assess ourselves and be honest," he (Jones) said. "Certain people are not fighting as hard as others. We have to find a way to bring it every night."

Maybe seeing the way the young guys played together and the reaction they received from the crowd, a crowd starved for effort, energy and teamwork, will impact the vets. Whether that reaction is good or bad, I don't care, just some type of reaction. Beg for a trade. Complain about playing time. Better yet, step up and lead and show some enthusiasm when a good play is made. Show a pulse and some indication that your invested or get out of the way.

Doesn't seem like too much to ask.

After the jump, a bundle of links from the game last night.