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What Would You Do To Fix The Pacers?

Now that Larry Bird has his "vote of confidence" for Jim O'Brien out of the way along with a public challenge to the players, he can continue to reference these comments when asked and say, "nothing has changed" up until something actually does change.

I've read plenty of full-throated complaints about Larry Bird and Jim O'Brien but nothing much past calling for their firing and assorted name calling. Occasionally someone will throw out a name as a replacement but without any reasoning.

So my challenge to you is to actually offer an alternative for the Pacers, whether it involves management, coaches, players or all of the above. But I want some reasonable plans here or even if you would simply like to a certain new coach, just let us know why you think that coach would fit well with the Pacers.

Also, don't just point to another franchise and say do what they do. That's comparing apples to oranges. You have make your wishes fit with the current roster, salary cap implications, injuries and a desire by the organization to avoid the luxury tax. For instance, a real nice trade option for everyone involved would be to move Jeff Foster to San Antonio for Matt Bonner and Michael Finley. Adds a veteran, front-court role player for the Spurs and gives the Pacers some cap relief. Foster would love going home to chase a title and the Pacers, again, would enjoy the cap relief. But Foster's current back issues make it a tough sell to the Spurs.

I'm interested to see how opinions vary on different options around the league. Feel free to put your thoughts in a comment or better yet expand them into a FanPost. Not necessarily looking for a full plan either, although that would be great, but at least some solutions to the various issues facing the team. I have one piece of the puzzle I'd love to see fall into place which I'll share later this week.

But for now, the blank canvas is all yours, go to work.