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Larry Bird Affirms His Support For Jim O'Brien

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Everything was set up perfectly fro the Indiana Pacers to change coaches today.

Instead, Mike Wells reports that Larry Bird gave Jim O'Brien a vote of confidence.

“Jim is going to be here, that’s one thing the players have to know,” Bird said today. “The coach is secure. We wouldn’t have picked up his option if we didn’t think he was secure. If the players have a problems with Jim, the players are the ones that are probably going to leave.” 

Normally a firing soon follows afte management gives it's coach a vote of confidence. But Larry Bird isn't exactly your normal GM, so I'm not holding my breath for a change.

Too bad to, since the team desperately needs a change in command. After two straight nights of lifeless blowouts, that much is apparent.

A major coaching change may not be reasonable in mid-season for this team, but at least letting the staff's "good cop" Lester Connor take over on an interim basis would shake things up and allow for a different approach.

After falling behind by 40 points to the Heat last night, JOB said he doesn't think he lost his players. If a coach has to say he hasn't lost his player, he's probably lost them. One thing we know for sure, the players are lost on the court.

With Lucas Oil Stadium on fire after the Colts gave up their effort for a perfect season, Larry Bird could've changed coaches today and no casual fan would've noticed until mid-January. Maybe he's hoping no one noticed the beat-down weekend, but the play was utterly hopeless.

I've actually read people looking to fire Bill Polian because he put together a Colts' team that is 14-1. But those are just fans who will be celebrating like crazy if the Colts win the Super Bowl. Obviously fans are fickle, but when the players become fickle there's no recovering.

The Pacers competed after falling behind? Umm, maybe for 5-7 minutes in Miami, but that's not much to grasp onto since the game is 48 minutes long.

JOB has been dealt a bum hand with injuries this year, but he hasn't been able to salvage the team and no matter how good you thing Danny Granger is, he's not good enough to overcome a lack of effort from his teammates. Plus, he's yet to show he can grab the team by the lapels and lead them himself. We're talking about several players on the roster who should be dying to perform given the chance for big NBA minutes, and they can't come together to find a way to play as a team or even give a decent effort.

Bird is right, those players don't need to stay around either, but that's the hard part and needs to be done in concert with a new voice leading the Pacers forward.