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Pacers Need Granger At Crunch Time, But Only When He's Ready

Anyone else feel like Danny Granger has been out for a couple of months? Me too.

After living through this recent, rapid-fire four game losing streak, I figured I'd count the days until Granger's return. Unfortunately, I had to keep counting in weeks since it's been just over two weeks since 33 shut it down to fix his plantar fascia. With the original recovery time set at 4-6 weeks, that means there are still 2-4 weeks to go.

The way the late-game offense has gone limp lately, I'm left pining for an offensive weapon who can get his shot and step up at winning time. Hopefully a healthy Granger finally paired with Mike Dunleavy can make the Pacers harder to defend at crunch time and give us some of the heroics we saw last season.

Considering we haven't seen a healthy Granger all year, making sure he is completey healthy and ready to go remains more important than appeasing my desperate pleas for immediate help. I'm still convinced that Granger's return will be on the long end of the return estimate which means another month on the shelf. As long as he returns fully healthy and ready to go without rushing back at "almost" 100% I'll be happy.

Until then, Jim O'Brien has to keep searching for a winning combination when W's are hanging in the balance.  With the losses mounting, how about trying A.J. Price or Luther Head? Might just add another option to run alongside Granger when he finally returns.