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IC Cold Links: Recaps Of Indiana's Loss To Boston; Watson Asks For Consistent Offensive Style

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Let's jump right into the links that recap the Pacers' 103-94 loss to Boston on Tuesday:

  • AP Story

  • Recap/Box Score

  • Photo Gallery

  • The Inside the Game recaps Tuesday's loss in Boston, while noting that the blue and gold has dropped 15 of 19 games since jumping out to a 5-3 start this season. The post also gives a quote from coach Jim O'Brien trying to find something positive in the recent struggles: "I think the positive thing is we're in games against Orlando on the road, San Antonio on the road, the Celtics on the road without Danny Granger. I tend to take that as a positive."

  • Mike Wells recaps the game for the Indy Star, noting that the Pacers failed on both ends of the court in crunch time against the Celtics. The story also contains an interesting tidbit from new starting point guard Earl Watson. The pg notes that the change in offensive style in the fourth quarter isn't helping the team. Watson said: "Every game is different, but sometimes in the fourth quarter you can overanalyze things. I think we need to just play and continue to do the things we did in the first three quarters instead of trying to change the style of play."

  • In his notebook dump, Wells also fills us in on Ray Allen's pursuit for breaking Pacers legend Reggie Miller's 3-point record, an update on Jeff Foster's injury and the latest on Marquis Daniels.

  • Wells also posted a blog update asking fans to list their trade ideas and theories on who the Pacers could bring in before the trade deadline.

  • Eight Points, Nine Seconds previewed the Pacers-Celts matchup here.

  • If you need a Boston perspective on last night's loss, here are some sources: CelticsBlog, ESPN Boston, The Patriot Ledger and Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe.

Video highlights after the jump.