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Jennings Already Worth The Risk For Bucks, Pacers Primed To Take Similar Chance

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Brandon Jennings makes his first appearance at Conseco Fieldhouse tonight when the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Indiana Pacers.

Jenning burst on the scene early in the season with better than expected results, before gate-crashing the Association with a 55-point game in the second week of the season. Jennings and Tyreke Evans appear to be the front-runners for Rookie of the Year, but more than that, Jennings has created a nice buzz around the Milwaukee Bucks. Jeff Rabjohns heard some nice praise from others in the NBA about the rookie point guard.

Not bad value for a 10th pick in the draft.

I can't lie. I was hoping Jennings would be taken before the Pacers' pick because coming into the draft there was so much risk associated with the player. He couldn't get qualified to play at Arizona. He struggled while playing one year in Europe. Yet, none of it seemed to weaken his bravado. He was the ultimate high risk/high reward type of player.

In hindsight, it's easy to say Jennings was a no-brainer for the Bucks, but obviously that wasn't the case considering nine teams passed on the guard who could now be electrifying their organization. But with a strong coach in place along with plenty of complimentary players, the Bucks' risk on Jennings fit perfectly .

The Pacers find themselves in similar spot now, as well. Drafting young and risky hasn't panned out well for the Pacers in the past (Jonathan Bender), but with future role players in place the team is primed to once again to take a chance on a young talent, if the opportunity presents itself. For the sake of argument, a guy like Kansas freshman, Xavier Henry, a kid who has a dynamic game that appears destined to blossom in the NBA. Aside from winning the lottery, taking a risk on a young, unproven talent is worth a chance to try to move the Pacers out of the middle of the pack.