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IC Cold Links: Waiting On The Pacers vs. Kings

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Could this be the night Dahntay Jones starts over Brandon Rush?

Bruno's Scouting Report broaches the subject and and it seems like the time is now for a change. The Sacramento Kings offer up some crazy matchup problems, what with a 6'11" shooting guard and 6'7" center in the starting lineup. But the biggest problem is their stout, 6'6" rookie point guard, Tyreke Evans who was just named the Western Conference Rookie of the Month.

It would be nice to have Dahntay Jones following the rookie's every move, but initially T.J. Ford or Earl Watson will have to try to pester Evans.  I know, this sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen, but the Pacers only succeed with a full team effort on defense and with some of these odd matchups that team mentality should take root out of pure necessity. Plus, the Kings normally spend more time playing with a traditional lineup by sliding Evans to the two-guard and bringing Beno Udrih and Sergio Rodriguez in to play the point.

Any way you slice it, I'm looking forward to seeing how the Pacers attack the Kings tonigt. And attack they must, or they'll be left on the side of the road again dragging another L with them to Salt Lake City.

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