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Pacers Win Washes Away That Familiar Feeling

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The Indiana Pacers finished their game against the Charlotte Bobcats last night in familiar fashion save for one detail.

How many times have we seen a good effort and apparent W slip through the Pacers' fingers with a late collapse? Usually the opponent dials up an incredible dagger to make it feel even worse. A couple of losses last year immediately come to mind with Devin Harris and Chris Paul each delivering the death blow leaving the Pacers lifeless at the buzzer and stuck with a loss.

But that one different detail, actually winning, changes so much. Suddenly, the late implosion is merely a collection of teachable moments. Plus, there was some decent defense on those late Charlotte possessions which the win rewards with a little positive reinforcement to build on.

With a road game at Memphis tomorrow night, we'll see if the Pacers can maintain their solid effort of late and indeed build on that winning feeling from last night.

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