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Tuesday With Reggie

Reggie Miller's visit to Conseco Fieldhouse today to announce the movie premier/fund raiser for his ESPN documentary turned into a marvelous little trip down memory lane for any and all Pacers fans.

Do you want to feel warm inside? Do you want to feel a goose-bump chill? Do you want a reminder of why you follow the Pacers so closely and why it's worth it?

Just listen to Reg hype the documentary.

Reggie made the most of his time today after the press conference to take part in an episode of Pacers Crate as well as chat with fans on He also hit the local airwaves in the afternoon. Here's Part 1 of 31's appearance on the Crate. After the jump more good stuff from Reg.


Reggie also chatted with Pacer fans along with Bruno at My favorite exchange:

[Comment From KyleKyle:]
Does the film highlight LJ's 4 point play? and do you believe that was a correct and 1 call?

Reggie Miller: We took it out. It was supposed to be in the highlights at the end. I took it out because it was a bogus play. Jess Kersey screwed us.

Here is Bruno's story on the press conference.

Reggie chatted with Kravitz & Eddie (audio), proving he's more patient with the current Pacers than anyone else following the team.

Press conference video: