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Pacers Need To Step Up Game To Meet Challenge From Orlando Tonight

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Whenever a shooter has it going from outside in a game, he usually ends up taking a deep or contested, normally ill-advised, shot as a heat check.
Tonight the Indiana Pacers will give their two-game winning streak a heat check when they take on the Orlando Magic. Wins are wins in the NBA and for the Pacers no one can scoff at beating the New Jersey Nets or Washington Wizards. But maintaining a high level of play against the Magic and having a chance to win late will show some growth from the blue and gold.
Especially since the Magic always present problems for the Pacers because of their ability to pound away from outside or inside or both if the Pacers' defense doesn't show up. The Pacers should be rested and ready after spending an off-day yesterday in the warm 85 degree weather in Orlando. Doesn't that sound nice?
After the jump a few links, including just due for the Pacers' second unit. The team will need everyone in the playing rotation to add a jolt tonight, though.