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Jonathan Bender Returns To NBA With New York Knicks

The New York Knicks announced today that they filled an open spot on their roster by signing former Pacers' lottery pick, Jonathan Bender.

All of the Knicks' players better tighten their kicks and be stretched and ready to go for the Knicks next practice, because we all know Bender is no joke in practice. Actually, I guess Bender's practice exploits while with the Pacers, always out of sight from the media, did become a joke so I figured I'd hit the punchline one more time.

All joking aside, though, I will be rooting like crazy to see JB make it back to the court for an NBA game. The minimal flashes of brilliance we saw from the 7-foot shooting guard always left fans wanting more as he began to mature. His knees just wouldn't allow it and eventually Bender retired playing in just 9 games over his final two seasons.

Now, nearly four years after announcing his retirement, and admitting that house jumping in his youth may have been a bad idea, Bender hopes his knees can hold up for another run on the NBA hardwood.

Me too. Good luck, JB!