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Mike Dunleavy In The Role Of Lucy

Mike Dunleavy is almost ready to practice again. Raise your hopes at your own risk.
Mike Dunleavy is almost ready to practice again. Raise your hopes at your own risk.

I need someone with Photoshop skills. Should be easy enough, simply put a black Lucy wig on Mike Dunleavy with a blue dress.


Well, once again I feel like Charlie Brown after reading Dunleavy's latest blog post which includes an update on his injury status along with a defense of the training staff. The good news is, he's hoping to begin practicing with the team in the "next week or so." You're on your own to define how long "so" might be, but he makes it sound promising. Well, I'll let him suck you in.

I don't care how good a doctor someone is, you can't prevent stepping on someone's foot and rolling your ankle. You can't keep a player from getting undercut and landing on his back. The only thing you can do is rehab players the right way so they get back as soon as possible but also as healthy as possible. There is no doubt in my mind that is happening in our training room. In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt for all of us to keep our fingers crossed for no more bad luck.

That's what I've been doing the past couple weeks. The fingers have been knotted because I feel great and I want it to stay that way. I've been working out with our assistant coaches by myself. They've been putting me through half-court and full-court drills. I'm just trying to get my timing and conditioning back along with testing the knee.

You know, maybe Dunleavy is actually Charlie Brown and Josh Corbeil (Pacers trainer) should be considered Lucy. Who knows?

All I know is that the ball is on the ground...again.