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IC Cold Links: Granger Impressed By Hansbrough's Debut In Pacers Win

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It took only 13 minutes of play, but rookie Tyler Hansbrough's performance (13 points, five rebounds) during his first time on an NBA court turned some heads. And teammate Danny Granger is warning the rest of league to take notice.

After the Pacers 102-84 thumping of the Wizards Friday night, Granger gave Bruno the following quote about the debut of his teammate:

"We had all been waiting to see Tyler play. We've seen him play in practice and know how aggressive he is. They got a taste of it tonight. It was a lot of fun. He's like a big-man linebacker. He's going to get from point A to point B and take some people along with him in the process. ... He's so physical, he's one of those guys you definitely want on your team." -- Danny Granger

That seems to sum it up best. Hansbrough stole the show during a dominating Pacers performance at home that rightly celebrated two icons -- Conseco "Reggie Miller" Fieldhouse and the late, great Mel Simon. Tom had plenty of thoughts on the game here

The Pacers now get a nice mini-vacation to bask in the glory of a quality win. Indiana doesn't hit the hardwood again until Wednesday. So let's hit the jump and check out the many links that focus on the Pacers win, Antawn Jamison giving his teammates an earful after the loss and Granger's new blog.