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IC Cold Links: Pacers Celebrate Like It's Their First Win Of The Season

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Even though getting a win over the World Series-distracted New York Knicks isn't the same as beating one of the NBA's elite, beating anybody at this point makes everyone happy.

The Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells captured the moment after last night's game where Pacers players demonstrated their excitement for finally nabbing their first win of the season, a 101-89 victory in Madison Square Garden. A.J. Price shouted from the mountaintops that "A victory. It tastes so good," while Danny Granger, who scored a team-high 21 points, added that he was just glad to get it over with. 

The Pacers are now 1-3 heading into a big homestand where five of the next six games will be played in Indy. There is also plenty of time for snoozing, practicing and resting as only one game even occurs before next Wednesday. Indiana will play host to the Wizards on Friday, when the fingers will be crossed that acting star and NBA rookie Tyler Hansbrough could make his regular-season debut.

Until then, check out the jump for links to Larry Bird's thoughts on LeBron coming to New York, more reaction to the first Pacers win, and a Friday night tribute to late-Pacers owner Mel Simon.