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Game Thread #15: Indiana Pacers at Golden State Warriors

Indiana Pacers
6-8 5-10
November 30, 2009 - 10:30PM EST
Radio: 1070AM WFNI TV: Fox Sports Indiana/NBA TV
Probable starters:
T.J. Ford PG Monta Ellis
Brandon Rush SG Stephen Curry
Danny Granger SF Corey Maggette
Troy Murphy PF Vladimir Radmanovic
Roy Hibbert C Mikki Moore

As far as west coast roadies go, the Pacers' trip this week appears pretty benign. No Lakers, Suns, Nuggets or Trailblazers this time around, which means the next trip in March will be brutal. But for now, the trip begins with the Golden State Warriors tonight followed by the Kings, Jazz and finally the Clippers on Saturday night.

With the current state of the Pacers, however, measuring schedule strength is just wasted energy. The margin for error against bad teams and good remains so small that counting Ws and or Ls is futile. Like the health of several players on the roster, the Pacers are day-to-day with the level of energy, effort and production offered up. They are a team in transition working to figure out which playing rotations work best with varied minutes available. I liked Danny Granger's answer, when asked about dealing with this transition time while still trying to win games. Essentially he said, we're pros so these are the situations pros have to deal with and still find a way to win.

Since we last saw the Warriors, they've shipped Stephen Jackson out of town which has unleashed Monta Ellis to let 'er rip at all times. The Dubs remain short-staffed in the front court so keeping Ellis in check while minimizing the perimeter threats like Stephen Curry and Anthony Morrow (just two of a few perimeter threats) will be key components to a winning formula.

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