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IC Cold Links: Pacers Look To Improve On Road Trip

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The Indiana Pacers are in the Bay Area for the first of four games in six nights against the Golden State Warriors tonight.

Bruno's preview focuses on the team adapting to Mike Dunleavy's return. Dunleavy appears to be no worse for the wear after his first live minutes last Friday.  He'll remain on a 20 minute limit but sounds confident that the knee will hold up.

"Probably since I’ve been through a long process and I believe in what I’ve done, I feel like it’s sturdy," he said. "This isn’t the type of injury where I blew my knee out. This is a thing that was repaired, so I’m not really going to have any hesitation. I’ve tested it time and time again so I’m not really worried about it in that regard."

Knock on the nearest wooden object, please.

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