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Dunleavy's Return More Certain Than Granger's

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Mike Dunleavy's return could be any day now, which is a nice boost considering Danny Granger's knee makes his return date unknown at this time.

Bruno's Scouting Report for tonight's game against the Dallas Mavericks focuses on the positives of the possible rerturn of Dunleavy, while it appears no one has more to offer on Granger's return.

With Danny Granger's status uncertain due to a sprained ligament in his left knee – he's listed as day-to-day – the timing of Dunleavy's return, be it Friday or during next week's four-game Western Conference road trip, is fortuitous.

"I anticipate he should not be out much longer," said Coach Jim O'Brien, "and I would say based on what Danny's situation is, I would suspect he needs to get back to the court."

So both Granger and Dunleavy are considered day-to-day but their looking forward to Dunleavy's return because Granger's day-to-day status could last longer. That leaves volumes of content between the lines to read on Granger's status.

I'm not expecting to see Dunleavy tonight against the Mavs, but during next week's roadie would be real nice. And who knows? Maybe the basketball gods will shine on the Pacers (we're waiting...) and Granger's knee issues will clear up so he can join the action at some point on the road next week, too.

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