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Pacers Shake Up Starting Lineup To Take On Raptors

After a lackluster loss in Charlotte, Jim O'Brien announced a lineup change for tonight's game against the Toronto Raptors. According to Bruno's Scouting Report, Troy Murphy will return to the starting lineup at power forward and Jeff Foster will join him at center.

The switch moves Roy Hibbert to the bench as well as either Brandon Rush or Dahntay Jones. It also frees up Danny Granger to move back to small forward. The offense certainly needs a boost and having Murph available to spread the floor along with Granger at his natural position should help.

The defensive impact  will be interesting and considering the Raptors have the leading offense in the NBA maybe it's better to focus on attacking their league worst defense. The question remains though: Is this lineup the go-forward plan of is it tailored to the Raptors with the idea to mix and match starters to fit the opponent?

Certainly starting Granger on Chris Bosh would be a problem and Foster can chase Andrea Bargnani out to the arc better than Hibbert.

The best part of this move by JOB though is that it surely caught everyone's attention. If the team plays like junk, changes will be made to find something that works so if you want to play make it work.

What do you think of the change?