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IC Cold Links: Move On, Nothing To See Here; Pacers Drop Bad Game To Bobcats

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Somebody get FSN Indiana on the phone, I need to know tomorrow's winning lotto numbers.

Apparently the network knows before the season even begins when the Indiana Pacers are set to detonate and explode on the court. Their decision not to air Sunday's game in the Indy market was a brilliant prophecy. Like many other Indiana residents I missed the Indiana Pacers nasty-looking performance against the Bobcats Sunday afternoon that resulted in a 104-88 loss.

Luckily, Tom took one for the team and he's still trying to wash out his eyes this morning. So if you're desperate to read how the Pacers took this one on the chin, check out his recap here.

But if you're wanting to read even more about this one, well then you're just sick. But I have compiled links after the jump that include an agitated Mike Wells, several stories on Tyler Hansbrough's return "home", and more info than you'll ever need on a game that was seen by less than 100 people worldwide.

  • Box Score
  • AP Story
  • Derek Smith recaps the game for noting Stephen Jackson's all-around contributions to the Bobcats' win.
  • Mike Wells did not seem thrilled that the Pacers didn't want to play on Sunday. Wells noted in his game report that the blue and gold weren't ready from the tip-off. Wells also penned a blog entry last night under the headline "Complete lack of effort". Also in his Indy Star blog, Wells gets the latest info on Mike Dunleavy's supposed return on Wednesday. Dunleavy has been cleared to play, but coach Jim O'Brien wants him to be in the best shape possible before he steps into a game. O'Brien gave Wells the following quote:

"He has not practiced enough full court that we're comfortable just throwing him out there. When he feels like he's in NBA shape, then he'll be back." -- Jim O'Brien, on Mike Dunleavy's return.