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IC Cold Links: Waiting On the Cavaliers at Pacers

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Ah, I made it through the whole day yesterday without seeing the infamous clips from the Palace Brawl. Mission accomplished. I couldn't believe all of the articles with "Five Years Later" and thoughts on the brawl from Ron Artest, John Green or Ben Wallace. I mean, I didn't care what these guys thought about the brawl five days after it happened, let alone five years. In five years, John Green has come to realize alcohol probably played a role. Genius. I guess I just moved past it  a while ago.

Now bring on the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Zooming out to the big picture, after beating the Celtics last Saturday, I was hoping the Pacerswould finish the week 2-1 and the month 5-3. Obviously, the first goal demands a win tonight over the visiting Cavs.

No easy task for the Pacers with LeBron Jamesrunning for the other side, but the Pacers do get a little break with two bigs missing the game for the Cavs. Both Shaquille O'Neal and Anderson Varejao will miss the game which should help when the Pacers go small.

Jim O'Brien may not be forced to go small tonight with the likely return of Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster. I wouldn't expect either to play significant minutes but, boy, the Pacers sure could've used both against the Knicksto shake up the play on the floor, and in the case of Murph, spread out the offense and maybe even knock down a shot or two. More options are good when you're desperately searching for something to work.

After the jump, a few links of interest along with another edition of the Crate (sans guest Star Wars character).