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IC Cold Links: Reliving Painful Pacers Memories From Last Night, Five Years Ago

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The sober light of day doesn't take the sting away from the opportunity for a win that slipped away from the Pacers last night. Credit the Knicks for staying in it for all 48 minutes because they were close to being knocked out early in the fourth, but kept coming when the Pacers couldn't deliver the decisive blow.

The Pacers showed they still need to mature as a group after not reacting well in the face of a little adversity last night. The self-inflicted wounds in the second half seemed to feed off each other. We're talking bulk turnovers and 25% shooting for the second half. That's never a winning combination and no one was able to step up and stop the madness.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers will be at the Fieldhouse on Friday, so the Pacers have a chance to bounce back and start a new winning streak.

After the jump, more links of interest on the game along with a look back at 'The Brawl' by Mike Wells. Where were you when the mayhem started?

I vividly remember watching that game five years ago while preparing to fly out to Seattle the next day for a Thanksgiving vacation. The whole scene was so surreal at the time that it was hard to judge the impact immediately. But the next day crater left by the impact was apparent. Seattle has some strong local sports talk and at the time the shows were local 24-hours a day. Nearly every minute of these local shows was dedicated to talking about the brawl. I may as well have been in Indy with all of the analysis and judgments I was hearing. Same with the local news stations. Video of the brawl was everywhere and Ron Artest was suddenly a world-wide name. Ugh.

On to the links: