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IC Cold Links: Colts Complete Sweet Weekend Sweep While We Wait On Pacers vs. Nets

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Fist bumps, high fives and run 'n jump booty bumps to the Indianapolis Colts for completing the Boston sweep with their incredible, sleep-depriving win over the New England Patriots last night. Before anyone crushes Bill Belichick today, please admit your reaction when you saw Tom Brady waving at his team to stay on the field to go for that fourth down play. I know I dropped an F-bomb, expecting the game to be iced on that play. Fortunately, this Belichick-type gamble doesn't work too well in Indiana because Charlie Weis has had a miserable record going for risky fourth downs up at Notre Dame as well. All propers to the Colts' defense for coming up HUGE and Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne for simply doing what they do.

As for the Pacers, they have another day off today before visiting captain filtzy and New Jersey Nets tomorrow night. The Nets are starving for their first win after falling to 0-10 on Saturday night when Dwyane Wade broke their hearts with a game-winner with .01 seconds left in the game. The Pacers will need to bring all of the spirit and tenacity they played with on Saturday to take care of business against the Nets.

After the jump, a few links of interest including the Pacers' win leaving Boston media searching for answers and the Hansbrough family trying to take over the state, along with a great review of Conseco Fieldhouse.

  • Pro Basketball in Indiana- The Way it Should Be « Stadium Journey Development Blog
    Paul Swaney is blogging his way around to every professional sports venue he can find. On Friday, he was in Conseco Fieldhouse for the Pacers-Celtics game and enjoyed the experience.

  • The Pacers solid win over the Celtics is forcing a little further analysis from those that follow the team in Boston. I think they missing a key factor, namely the karmic retribution for Kevin Garnett's attitude toward the Pacers rookies while in their house this summer. How tough is it to come off better than this quote reported by Mike Wells (linked yesterday)?
    Garnett, one of the most competitive players in the league, looked back over his shoulder and said, "(Expletive) your rookies," and kept walking. "That let me know where I was at on the totem pole," Price said with a laugh. "I thought I was going to have a chance to talk to him for a second so I can say, 'What's up?' and introduce myself. But I guess he shot that down real quick."
  • Larry Bird offers his praise of Marquis Daniels and the Celtics bench which should help mollify the C's faithful for a couple of days.
  • Tyler Hansbrough has made a nice little impact for the Pacers in limited minutes off the bench. Nothing compared to his brother Ben, though who lit it up from behind the arc in Notre Dame's season-opening win over North Florida.
  • The Capital Improvement Board continues to try and figure out how best to move forward which includes addressing the Pacers' situation at the Fieldhouse.