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IC Cold Links: T.J. Ford Offers Up A Little Off-Day Leadership For Hansbrough

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Pacers point guard, T.J. Ford took advantage of an off-day Thursday to squeeze in a little bonding with rookie Tyler Hansbrough. Ford tweeted about taking the rook to the Country Kitchen on College Ave. for his first taste of soul food. Even includes a picture. No word on if the post-meal "itis" struck Hansbrough. Now that would be a story if it didn't.

Love seeing this type of thing which undoubtedly will create a story shared throughout the locker room, impacting the whole team. Another good thing is that T.J. wasn't holed up in traction yesterday after back spasms made it appear that a sniper had taken him down in the first quarter of Wednesday's game. He's receiving treatment and hopes to play on Saturday night.

If the Pacers beat the Celtics on Saturday, a meal at the Country Kitchen may be required before every home game.

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