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Stephen Jackson Stirs Up Drama At The Fieldhouse Once Again

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The Golden State Warriors arrive at Conseco Fieldhouse tonight in the midst of all kinds of drama surrounding former Pacer, Stephen Jackson. After signing a lucrative contract extension last year to keep him in Golden State through the 2012-13 season, Jackson decided this summer that he wanted to switch from Captain Jack to Jumpin' Jack and join another team.

So now Jack wants to be traded and the Warriors want to trade him. As Pacers fans know all too well, when a player and organization agree to part ways, a big contract creates no market and no fun. Jackson has 3 years and $28 million left on his contract after this season, so now Jackson and the Warriors are stuck in a buyout blink-fest. Stuck at an impasse it becomes a situation of which side can make it more miserable for the other forcing one side to cave in order to resolve the situation. My money's on Jack in this one.

Before you go chalking up a W for the Pacers thanks to the Jack-induced chaos on the opposing bench, keep in mind that the Dubs scored 146 points with Jackson delivering 15 assists in the Warriors last game. Not only can Jack survive amongst the chaos, he can thrive.

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