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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need Time To Heal

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Here we are waiting through yet another off day as the Pacers prepare to host the Golden State Warriors tomorrow night.

After winning their second game in a row last Friday, the schedule seemed unkind with four full days off between games. When a team is hot, you want to get back out on the court and keep the positive flow in motion. The Pacers are one of only two teams (Milwaukee) to have played only five games so far. A few teams have played six games but most teams already have seven or eight games in the won/loss column.

Forget the short-term momentum, though, the Pacers desperately need this slow early schedule. Just look at the injury list. Every extra minute off is an extra minute to heal and the Pacers have plenty of players on the mend. Tyler Hansbrough finally returned to play limited minutes and should be good to go this week. Troy Murphy was ruled out of tomorrow night's game last week but is considered day-to-day along with Brandon Rush.

Speaking of heels (synonymous segue), Danny Granger is apparently still enduring the effects of a right heel bone bruise. Granger took advantage of the time off to hit his Twitter account yesterday with the following complaint. 

Im fully convinced that every pro athlete is injured in some kind of way lol... Feels like somebody beat my heel with a hammer!!!

T.J. Ford felt compelled to reply and brought a little levity to the situation, skipping straight over any sympathy to go for a quick dig at his teammate.

@dgranger33 u don't wanna see DG feet.. Looks like Cole on " Martin " Not a good

Life is so much better after a win, isn't it? After the jump, more links of interest including more on T.J. Ford, a few power rankings and Commissioner Stern on Mel Simon and the Pacers staying put.