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Pacers Pick Up Options on Rush, Hibbert

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Maybe some added security and a bigger paycheck will cure any self-doubt and launch a motivated Roy Hibbert and Brandon Rush onto the court Tuesday against the Nuggets.

Nothing wrong a little wishful thinking.

The Indiana Pacers, according to Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, picked up the third-year options on the Pacers two second-year veterans. reports that Hibbert's contract option will pay him $1.69 million, while Rush will earn $2.07 million. Both have started the first two games of the year.

Hibbert has averaged 7.0 points and 7.5 rebounds during the first two games of the regular season. Although he's been starting games, Rush has only averaged 16 minutes per contest due to his inability to play the game of basketball. I think that's what we pay him for, right? As Tim Donahue of Eight Points, Nine Seconds so eloquently put it that Rush has been "rumored" to start the first two games.

It was inevitable that the Pacers would pick up their options. They're both still young assets that could become better in terms of basketball players on the blue and gold, or trade bait for future considerations. Not many links today since the Pacers are inactive until Tuesday, but check out what we got after the jump.

  • The IndyStar reports on how NBA players handle facing their former teams after being traded or leaving via free agency. The Pacers Dahntay Jones will live through the experience Tuesday against the Nuggets.
  • Eight Points, Nine Seconds reviews the Pacers home season-opening loss to the Heat using the glory of Twitter.
  • Former franchise star Jermaine O'Neal is making his teammates, particularly Dwyane Wade, proud with his play this season, according to the Miami Herald.
  • Danny Granger will have his hands full to match Carmelo Anthony on Tuesday. The Nuggets' star is off to a sizzling start as reported by the Denver Post.
  • If you didn't catch this last night, I highly recommend watching it. Manu Ginobili absolutely dominated a bat that was flying around the court during the Spurs and Kings game last night. He swatted the bat out of mid-air and then carried it off the court. Ball Don't Lie examines the real Batman.