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Taiwan Super-Sizing Amenities For Pacers And Nuggets

The China Post has a humorous story about the preparations in place at the Far Eastern Plaza Hotel in Taipei for their NBA guests from the Indiana Pacers and Denver Nuggets.

From the beds and bathrobes to the food portions, the hotel is kicking everything up a notch and in some cases doubling  the size of certain creature comforts in an effort to accommodate for the players.

It has prepared 270 "special" rooms for the group of over 300 NBA players, family members, executives and staffers coming to Taiwan, with each room being equipped with 170-centimeter bathrobes (instead of the standard 120 cm), 30.5 cm slippers, 183 cm bath towels and 2.43-meter-long beds, Liu said.

The room service menu will also offer expanded portions, with the standard 200-gram (7 oz.) steak becoming 500 grams (17+ oz.) and the standard bowl of beef noodles doubling in size. Gigantic U.S.-styled hamburgers and mountains of fresh fruit will also be available, Liu said.

Suddenly I'm hungry.