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IC Cold Links: Reaction Mixed After Pacers Preseason Opener

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The first game of the season gave fans plenty to talk about after the Pacers dropped a 104-95 contest to the Bulls Friday. Reaction was certainly mixed as analysts saw some positives (Solomon Jones, Josh McRobert's dunk, Danny Granger) along with some glaring negatives (Roy Hibbert, and A.J. Price's shooting woes).

Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star focused on Hibbert coming off the bench and not giving the most legendary performance ever. Hibbert's three fouls in five minutes was less than enlightening for the big man, but it did allow for Solomon Jones to show the Pacers that he can slide into the post very well this season. Wells quoted center Jeff Foster as saying the following about Hibbert.

"He needs to find his confidence," veteran center Jeff Foster said. "He's got more talent in the post than most guys in the league. He just needs to focus on the little things, like guarding his man, staying out of foul trouble and getting up and down the court and being a presence on defense."

Check out the jump for more links to reaction of the first loss of the young season.

  • Cliff Brunt's AP story highlights the bigger moments of the contest.
  • Bruno examines the somewhat improvement on defense for the 09-10 Pacers squad. He notes that htey are only halfway there to becoming the defensive team that they want to be this year.
  • Looking at the analysis for both teams, Eight Points, Nine Seconds writes what was good and bad for the Bulls and Pacers in the preseason opener.
  • Pacers Pulse offers their perspective on the contest.
  • Here is a link to SB Nation BlogABull's open thread for last night's game to get the opposing team's perspective. 
  • There were two occasions during the game when the new replacement refs were forced to use replay to get the call right. The NBA granted expanded use of the instant-replay system on Friday, now giving refs the right to use the equipment for shot clock and out-of-bounds calls this year, according to ESPN.