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Mel Daniels Denies Personally Disclosing Confidential Information Concerning Pacers

The law firm of Abbot & Harris of Fishers, just sent out a press release on behalf of Mel Daniels.

This press release is to confirm that Mel Daniels affiliation with the Indiana Pacers or more than four decades has come to an end. Mr. Daniels is issuing this press release because of the rampant speculation that has occurred within the past several days concerning this issue.

Notwithstanding this recent development in their relationship, Mr. Daniels looks forward to working with the Pacers in a professional manner to resolve this matter consistent with his demonstrated commitment to the organization. He sincerely appreciates the overwhelming positive sentiment that has been expressed by fans, teammates, competitors, and colleagues from across the country.

For the record, and as previously stated, Mr. Daniels unequivocally denies that he personally disclosed, or was in any way involved with the disclosure of, any confidential information concerning the operations of the Pacers.

Thankfully, there were no grenades lobbed at the organization as it sounds like Daniels has no intention of burning any remaining bridges. Considering the focus on the disclosure of confidential information that would seem to confirm the information from the Vecsey article was the impetus for letting the legend go. So now we are left to parse the legalese of the denial, but honestly I'd rather parse through the box scores from tonight's opening games. The good news is that this matter should resolve itself pretty quietly if this is the initial response from Daniels.