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IC Cold Links: That Is How You End A Preseason

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Front-office drama. A last-second win over one of the NBA's elite in Assembly Hall. And Danny Granger has a huge game. Yep, that's how you properly end the preseason.

I'm sure we're all glad to finally have the month of October nearly behind us, as the Pacers and rest of the league prepare for the start of the NBA season next week.

But before we begin thinking too far ahead, here are a boatload of links from yesterday's morning-night action coming out of the blue and gold organization.

Check out the jump for links to the dozens of recaps on last night's win against the Spurs, the latest on the Mel Daniel's firing and the amazing worldwide language of "Boom Baby".

  • Box Score
  • Here is the postgame report, along with Bruno's live blog, from Also check out the Pacers brief statement on the firing of legend Mel Daniels from the front office yesterday.
  • AP Story.
  • The IndyStar had it covered yesterday as everything went down in the morning before culminating in the heart of basketball country in Bloomington in the evening. Here is Jeff Rabjohn's game story that highlights Indy-native George Hill's big game for the Spurs.
  • Mike Wells writes about how the shortage of players led to a small-ball lineup that paid off during the third quarter with Granger at power foward.
  • Tom linked to it yesterday in his great story about the Daniels' firing, but here are the links again to Bob Kravitz's column and the IndyStar's story about Daniels being let go after many, many years with the team.
  • Eight Points, Nine Seconds' Tim Donahue also tackled the Daniels situation in this nice column.'s John Oehser gave another report on the story as well.
  • I remember when the Pacers played at Worthen Arena when I was attending Ball State back in the day, and I wish I had been working for the paper at the time to cover it as a college student. The Indiana Daily Student had that opportunity yesterday and here is the college-side of the story.
  • Ready for the Spurs' take on the game? Well, the whole "Indiana Grangers" jab seems to be back in fashion already so get ready to hear that one a lot this season. Here is our SB Nation partner Pounding The Rock's gameday thread, as well as their recap on the Spurs' loss.
  • Also, the San Antonio Express has its recap up and running as well. In their notebook on the game, they note coach Greg Poppovich as saying he was extremely excited to be in Assembly Hall for the first time.
  • The NBA ref's have it figured out. Strike. Miss the lame preseason. Make a deal. Return for opening night. That's what will happen after the refs approved a two-year labor agreement with the league. I welcome you guys back with slightly open arms.
  • Finally, here's an interesting story from the Star about how the phrase "Boom, Baby!" transcends cultures across the globe.