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Pacers Need Positive Results On Court, Not Survey, To Fill Seats

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Pollster Frank Luntz discussed his Pacers' survey results with Kravitz & Eddie yesterday (audio link). It's easy to be skeptical of Luntz's results because he sounds like such a cheerleader and obviously, the Pacers are paying him plenty for his work with the team.

But the Pacers aren't paying him to make them feel good. Luntz has been at it for three and a half years so I guess, now that there's some good news to report, the team wants to highlight the improvement. Plus, there's no doubt the public view of the team has improved and now we're back to thinking about basketball when assessing the franchise. That's the feeling you get around town and this just confirms it with some strong evidence.

One area Luntz took to far was his assumption that the team's improvment on the court was mirroring its improvement off the court and ticket sales should expect to rise. The jury is still out for the on-the-court improvements which will have a big impact on ticket sales for the long term.

Luntz did mention that the Pacers' ticket sales are higher than at this time last year which halts a declining trend over the past few years. Nice to see it moving in another direction and there's no doubt that if the team gets off to a good start and wins more games than they lose in November then the crowds will rise quickly. But that could be a tall order considering all of the new faces and health issues. If the Pacers start slow attendance numbers will remain stagnant throughout the season.

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