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Wells: Hansbrough Practices

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Mike Wells reports that Tyler Hansbrough returned to practice with the Indiana Pacers today in half-court play as Jim O'Brien hoped he would earlier this week. As usual, Hansbrough didn't offer much insight with his post-practice comments. In fact, it appears this quote was generated from an algorithm.

"It felt good," Hansbrough said. "I've been wanting to get out there for a while. My shins felt fine. There is no timetable on when I am coming back."

I have a feeling that if you snuck up behind Hansbrough and tapped him on the shoulder, he'd be startled and turn around, immediately yelling, "There is no timetable on when I am coming back!"

Forget the words, though, the action of having Hansbrough on the court playing basketball is what's important here.