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IC Cold Links: Rush Trying To Build On Last Season, Summer Work

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Here are a few links of interest which include information on Brandon Rush, a couple of former Pacers and a couple previews of the current Pacers:

  • Pacers hope Rush can start second season like he ended his rookie campaign
    Jeff Rabjohns checks in on the Pacers' expectations for second year guard, Brandon Rush. Defense is a priority but he has to contribute some offense to make a serious impact. As for his defense, sounds like Danny Granger relished the opportunity to help Rush raise his game this past summer.

    "I kind of abused him over the summer, but it helped both of us," the 6-9 Granger said. "I taught him a lot of things.

    "I'm a little taller, a little bigger, so I kind of schooled him in our one-on-one sessions. He knows he was playing an All-Star, so it probably helped his confidence."

  • Pacers placing focus on defensive end of floor
    Fran Blinebury previews the Pacers and offers up three cabinet level keys to the playoffs: Department of Defense, Health Department and Department of the Interior.
  • Scouting the East: Indiana Pacers
    Nets Are Scorching has a nice preview of the Pacers in their Scouting the East series.
  • Is Cleveland interested in Stephen Jackson?
    Brian Windhorst notes that the Cavs do have interest in Stephen Jackson, although crafting a deal that works will be tough. Makes sense because of Jack's relationship with Mike Brown. When Brown was an assistant with the Pacers, his endorsement helped bring Jackson to Indy. A long time ago (in blog years), I was begging Brown to bring Stephen Jackson to Cleveland.
  • Jermaine O'Neal Expects to 'Dominate' -- NBA FanHouse
    Prior to the preseason, J.O. made his annual pronouncement that he was in great shape and ready for another great season. Now after some minor injuries have slowed him in the preseason, he feels he's ready to dominate. I guess that's the least he could do for the $22 million the Miami Heat will pay J.O. this year. Whew!