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IC Cold Links: Pacers Downplay Rumors So Far; McRoberts Looking For Playing Time

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Mike Wells is working on reactions from the Pacers to the noisy headline out of New York yesterday. So far, Herb Simon has offered a bland, business as usual comment.

Bird didn't return a phone message Sunday, but owner Herb Simon wrote in an email that he's working under the impression that Bird will be here beyond this season because his president hasn't mentioned anything to him about leaving.

So what will we learn today? I figure we'll hear clarifications and denials from players, coaches and most importantly Larry  Bird himself or we'll hear absolutely nothing, which won't help stop the speculation but will be a passive-aggressive way for Bird to say (through his silence), "It's just Vecsey."

After the jump, a few more links of interest including a look at Josh McRoberts and the opportunities he's found in the preseason. Plus, we check in on a couple of local legends.