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IC Cold Links: Granger On A Scoring Frenzy During Preseason

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There is nothing better than scouring the internet to links about a Pacers win -- even if it's still just preseason.

Last night's dominating victory of the Rockets highlighted some exemplary progress by certain players on the team, and it also allowed Danny Granger to get his mojo back by scoring 22 points in just 18 minutes. After four preseason games, in which the Pacers hold a 2-2 record, Granger is nearly averaging a point per minute of play. Of course, it's still just preseason. But that's not going to stop me from being overly excited about it.

So check out the jump for links such as the Pacers landing on NBATV's top 10 highlights, Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert effectively landing starting positions, and UNC's attempts to get Pacers rookie Tyler Hansbrough back in a Tar Heel blue uniform.

Granger gets quick start for Pacers
Mike Wells reports on Granger's fantastic offensive performance last night, which the star forward never intended to happen. Granger had this to say about his preseason shooting barrage.

"I think it's maturity," Granger said. "I see the game a little bit better. I see the opportunity to score. I see the opportunity to do things I haven't seen in the past. Hopefully it'll carry on and I'll go into the regular season at full speed."

Pacers Insider: Looks like it's going to be Hibbert and Rush
Another Mike Wells report from the confines of Conseco "Reggie Miller" Fieldhouse shows that coach Jim O'Brien is pretty set on going with his two second-year players at the 2-guard and center starting spots at the season-opener. O'Brien cites Rush's ability to shoot the ball well and the fact that Hibbert is the only Pacer on the roster to can play the low-post as reasons for the promotions.

Bruno's Pacers vs. Rockets live blog
Missed last night's game? Check out Bruno's live blog to help guide you through the game.

Friday's Top 10 - NBA Videos and Highlights
The Pacers made the #7 and #9 highlights in NBATV's daily top 10. Luther Head's brilliant 4-point play against his former team was the lone highlight for the blue and gold. Here are also two links to the box score and to a photo gallery of the game.

AP: Granger's 22 points lead Pacers past Rockets
Here is the Associated Press' take on the Pacers win, as well as a link to the Houston Cronicle's gamer about the Rockets' defense taking a step back after the game against Indiana.

BDL's 2009-10 NBA Preview: Indiana Pacers
Yahoo! Sports' Ball Don't Lie is at again with another set of previews for the NBA season. This is one is on the Pacers. Check it out for a humorous take on the blue and gold. Also, check out this preview by SLAM Online.

CIB: Deficit is not as deep as we feared
The IndyStar is reporting that the CIB's deficit in the hole is actually better than anyone could have thought. But the Pacers are still looking for resolution as to who will pay the $15 million operating cost of Conseco. The Pacers say there is some urgency in getting the deal done.

Tar Heels already miss Tyler Hansbrough
The Boston Herald tackles the subject that is on the mind of Tar Heel players, coaches and fans. Where's Tyler Hansbrough? The former four-year star at UNC is now on the Pacers, but his presence is still being felt back at UNC where he left a massive hole on and off-the-court.