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IC Cold Links: Pacers Need To Keep Opponents On The Run

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Pressure and pace are going to be two keys to gathering W's this year for the Pacers. Preferably applying pressure at the defensive end leading to fast, easy buckets at the offensive end, keeping opponents in chase mode. The Pacers exemplified this strategy perfectly in their win over the Nuggets in Taipei.

Of course, it could happen in the reverse order where pushing the offensive pace will take a more deliberate offensive team, like say Detroit, out of their comfort zone allowing the pressure at the defensive end to be more effective as the opponent tries to keep up. I'd prefer defensive pressure leading to offense but either way the Pacers need to keep the pace up.

The mighty, mighty Mike Wells ponders the idea of slowing down the offensive pace in order to leave more energy for the defensive end. The slow-down-for-defense argument makes sense but I'd much rather add a player or two to the rotation for a few minutes to keep fresh bodies running up and down the floor. If the team slows down the tempo to help at the defensive end it eliminates an advantage, thus creating a straight matchup with the opponent and on most nights the Pacers would be at a talent deficit trying to match up toe-to-toe with other teams around the league.

Plus, it's way more fun to watch and I'm selfish like that.

After the jump, a few more links of interest including some photos from Monday's practice with Tyler Hansbrough and Mike Dunleavy looking less than thrilled with not being able to join the action.

Pacers' Dahntay Jones finds his niche with defense
Speaking of defensive pressure, Mike Wells checks in on Dahntay Jones looking forward to building on his reputation as a defensive specialist willing to do the little things to help a team succeed.

China Trip Helps Transition For Pacers' Guard Watson
Jeremiah Johnson and Larry Hawley report on Earl Watson's transition to the Pacers. Watson thinks the Asian trip sped up the learning curve. Includes video.

Pacers Practice Pics (10/12/09)
Some images from Monday's practice, the first workout back in Indy after the trip home from Beijing. I'm just going to assume that these photos were taken during a brief period of time and that the Pacers don't make their players with various leg injuries stand against the wall the whole time.

NBA Video Rule Book
This is pretty cool if your a hoops geek like myself or bored and almost to the end of the Internet. The NBA has offered up video explanation of their rule book for public consumption. Actually, I'm not sure if this is for the fans or replacement refs. - 2009-10 Indiana Pacers
Charlie Zegers previews the Pacers upcoming season.