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Pacers Back In Indy And Back To Work

Jet lag? What jet lag?

After losing some valuable practice time with all of the travel and special events involved with the Asian trip, Jim O'Brien wasted little time re-setting his team's work out clockt. Less than a day after a 14-hour return flight from Beijing, the Pacers were getting after it in the Fieldhouse on Monday afternoon.

According to a tweet from Mike Wells, Danny Granger sat out the practice with a sore right foot. Sore right foot? Hmm, sure that wasn't a sleepy head. Seriously, considering the limited time Granger spent on the court, let's hope this is a minor issue. Since the Pacers' favored injury term 'sore' is in play we can only guess the injury is somewhere between a flight-induced cramp and a full right-foot amputation.

I'm sure the players had to drag themselves onto the court today, but a good shock to the system is often the best way to adjust back to a familiar time zone.

Expecting a sloppy practice would be reasonable, but heading into a workout with such low expectations can actually generate a strong effort when the body responds better than expected. Now tomorrow might be a mess, but regardless, JOB and the team have no time to fret about jet lag and need to take advantage of every minute of practice time left in camp.

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