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Tinsley, The Verb Not The Point Guard

To Tinsley: to keep a troubled player under contract away from all team activities and facilities while trying to move said player to another team.

Last season Larry Bird had Jamaal Tinsley stay in Atlanta to avoid distracting the rest of the Indiana Pacers while Bird and Tinsley's agent tried unsuccessfully to move the Tin Man to a new team. A settlement this past summer ended the $7.5 million per year sequestering and now Tinsley is still looking for a job on his own. The Pacers dealt with the financial part of the equation as a sunk cost, but the change in the culture around the Fieldhouse was worth eliminating a negative influence.

So now there are a couple of similar situations going on and it appears that Larry Bird has officially created a new verb for the NBA lexicon. Matt Steinmetz wonders if the Golden State Warriors should 'Tinsley' Stephen Jackson because of his erratic preseason behavior.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks are already Tinsley-ing Shawne Williams as Ronald Tillery mentioned.

Memphis native Shawne Williams is no longer with the Mavs even though he is under contract. The Mavs told Williams he is no longer welcome around the team because of his lack of maturity, professionalism and work ethic. Williams is in the last year of his rookie contract. Dallas is said to be holding onto his rights in case Williams can be used in a trade.

Man, do you have to be a former Pacer to get Tinsely-ed. All I can say is, it is really nice to have a roster full of players who aren't perfect, but whose conduct is only detrimental to the team when they miss a shot, commit a foul or turn the ball over.