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Offering A Little Help-Side For Indiana Students

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SB Nation has entered the Social Media Challenge, which means several SBN blogs will collaborate and compete against various other networks in a fundraising effort for schools around the nation. While we're competing for bragging rights, nobody will lose since all of the money raised will be used to help teachers and schools get the things they need to enhance the education of kids in less than fortunate situations.

There are several Indiana funding projects that you can help make happen by taking the time to make a donation. You can find information on those and donate at the Indy Cornrows Giving Page. The Social Media Challenge runs until October 31, but these projects are actually open until funding is met.

Every little bit helps and donations from $1 and up will be applied to the project(s) you choose. Let's see what we can do to help out some Hoosier students in the classroom. Thank you!