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Get The Tivo Ready, Pacers TV Schedule Released

Fox Sports announced the official television schedule for the upcoming Indiana Pacers season today, and there's good news and some bad news. Good news first? Yeah, let's go that route.

Indiana's two preseason games that will be played overseas will both be televised for those of us staying home for the trip. The Taiwan game will be aired live on Oct. 8 at 7:30 a.m. on Fox Sports Indiana, while the game in China will be aired at midnight on Oct. 11. Both games will re-air in their respective evenings. Chris Denari will handle the play-by-play, but he will be joined by special guest analysts, including team president Larry Bird, according to the team's press release. Those are the only preseason games being aired on FSI.

And then on to the bad news. For those of us who love and enjoy the use of High-Definition to air sports contests, we will be severely disappointed for another Pacers television season. Only 15 games will be broadcast in HD this year, including the home season-opener against the Heat. Six of the 15 HD games are road contests. I guess I'm just ready for the Pacers to air more than 20 percent of their games in HD. Seems like this shouldn't be a problem in 2009.

As usual, FSI will air 72 of the 82 games this season, with six of those 10 "dead-air" games played in other arenas. The usual suspects return to hold down FSN's broadcasts as Denari will be joined by Clark Kellogg, Quinn Buckner and Stacey Paetz.