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IC Cold Links: Recapping The Desert Dagger

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All W's count the same, but the Pacers' W last night felt better than most. Dunleavy returns and helps, Stephen Graham steps up for an injured Quisy, and of course, Granger. Here are a few links of interest from the win:

  • UPDATE: KD's Behind the Box Score should be a daily read without any prompting, but his thoughts on Granger and the game last night are an especially nice read for Pacer fans today.
  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report. JOB on the win and the hero:
    "If Danny Granger isn’t an All Star, then I don’t know what an All Star looks like. He was spectacular tonight and a great team win for us. I thought our defense in the second half was outstanding. It’s great to win at the buzzer."
  • Mike Wells reports on Danny Granger delivering the W like an All-Star caliber player should.
  • Wells has more thoughts in his Pacers Insider post including how this is the best Pacers' locker room he's been worked since coming to Indy.

    I've told a number of people this, including Pacers PR man David Benner as we sat next to each other Wednesday, this is the best locker room I've had the opportunity to cover since I've been in Indiana and second overall (2003-04 Timberwolves were great).

    There's no jealousy or any cliques on the team. There's no finger pointing. I don't walk in the locker room and feel like there's any tension between players as in years past.

  • Paul Coro reports on a frustrated Suns team that let Granger get open for the game-winning shot.
  • Bright Side of the Sun is dealing with another close loss for the Suns. I feel your pain. The post references an error in the inital AP report on the game which stated that Granger's 37 points were a career high. Of course, he scored 42 points earlier this year against Detroit. He also had 41-point game against Golden State. At least found the error and fixed it.
  • Ben's Suns Blog is keeping the faith that the Suns' losses at the buzzer will build good will with the basketball gods and lead to friendlier bounces at some point in the future.
  • Last but certainly not least...