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IC Cold Links: Recapping A Mile-High Dunkfest

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Here are a few items of interest from last night's loss in Denver:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE Final and Postgame Report. Jim O'Brien sums up the main issue.
      "You have to play a tougher brand of defensive basketball than we did. We did not do anything to prevent them from shooting fifty-nine percent and putting that many points on the board. It’s a matter of digging in and getting the job done and we clearly didn’t do that.”
  • Mike Wells reports on the Pacers struggle to slow down Denver at all.
  • In his Pacers Insider, Wells wonders how the Pacers will survive this  trip if they play at least a little defense. Also, he considers how happy the Nuggets must be to have held off on Jamaal Tinsley now that they have Chauncey Billups making them go.
  • Benjamin Hochman reports on the Nuggets' win being overshadowed by potentially losing Carmelo Anthony with a hand fracture.
  • Roundball Mining Company is concerned with Carmelo's hand fracture and impressed with Danny Granger. Melo showed some guts playing through that hand injury and still producing. I admit, at first I thought he was soccer flopping but obviously that wasn't the case.
  • Jim O'Brien has plenty of praise for the Nuggets.
  • Both Teams Played Hard offers up the Pacers heat maps from Obsessionism that illustrate the team's wins and losses over the past five year.