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Perfect Pacers Primer For Colts Fans

Peter from the great local blog, Sixty Feet, Six Inches, has put together an outstanding recap of the Pacers' season thus far for mourning Colts fans who are giving the Pacers a look for the first time this season. The whole read is hilarious but the main points are legit so you know Peter pays attention. Here's a sample for starters:

Things you need to know:

1) We don't have a team of thugs.
2) We're the only team to beat both the Lakers and Celtics, so far, this season
3) 14 of the Pacers 21 losses have been by 5 points or less, and 4 of the 12 wins have been by 5 points or less.
4) Almost every game comes down to the wire.
5) We don't have a team of thugs.
6) The Pacers play an uptempo brand of basketball which is very fun to watch.
7) Danny Granger is 5th in the NBA in scoring, and has become the leader of this team.
8) Our defense needs some work, and we have blown a lot of leads this season.
9) At the time this was written, the Pacers are 12-21 and only 3 games out of a playoff spot.
10) Mike Dunleavy has been out all season, and is scheduled to return over our upcoming 5 game road trip.
11) We have a pep band, I think the idea was to make it seem more like a high school game and create a basketball environment that Indiana is known for. I'd say they succeed at that.
12) We don't have a team of thugs. Seriously, they're good people.

That is simply a taste because Peter goes on to profile the ownership, coaches and players with a light touch and humorous images and also offers up some sound reasoning for caring about the current Pacers team. Simply fantastic.